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It's going to be so much fun this weekend and we're really looking forward to taking our photobooth to Taree High on Saturday for the May Madness Family Fun Day


We had so much fun today down near the river in Fotheringham Park. Such a wonderful atmosphere & the music was excellent. So many came to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of the Martin Bridge in Taree. When it came time to pack up Lance says to me "start downloading the photos onto the thumbdrive darlin" (we do this every time before we shut the computer down). It was at that moment I realised I didn't have a thumbdrive with me, ooooops Popping into Coles on the way home, "Lance, I've left my bag locked in the bottom of the photobooth". We arrive home & unpack the photobooth. I retrieve my bag & download the photos onto a thumbdrive. We pack the photobooth back up & walking inside I say "the

Martin Bridge 75th Anniversary

Hoping the rain stays away this Sunday as we're really looking forward to celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the Martin Bridge in Fotheringham Park, Taree. I grew up on the other side of the Manning river in Glenthorne so I have walked across this bridge many, many times. She has been photogaphed more times than could be counted from sunrise to sunset and any time in between. She has been the southern gateway across the beautiful Manning River to and from Taree. One of the ever changing beauties of this beautiful area in which we live.

Mother's Day Surprise

Had so much fun today with this family portrait shoot at Hallidays Point. What a lovely surprise for this very energetic and loving grandmother. I love watching how families interact with each other, the different personalities and dynamics. You could see how much these families genuinely love each other, it wasn't forced, beautiful!

Fundraiser for Sky

Sky's a wife and a mum and she's already been through amazing battles with still more to come but you wouldn't know it, she smiles and laughs and is so courageous. We were so honoured to take our photobooth to Old Bar Bowling Club for a fundraiser for this beautiful young lady. We pray that everything goes well for all that you face in the future.

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