Adorable & Cheeky

I'm visiting my daughter & her family at the moment after she had an operation. Sarah is the Sar in LySar. Her son James is totally adorable & cheeky. Really going to miss them when I fly back home next Saturday.

White roses & babies breathe

Last Saturday Jeremy & Samantha were married at the Mondrook Cafe Gardens in Mondrook with those they love looking on. Followed by their reception at Caddies Restaurant at Wingham Golf Club overlooking the beautiful golfing greens. Every wedding is unique and beautiful and this day was no exeption. Their personalised vo I know this beautiful young family will not only continue to grow in number but in love as well. LySar Photography were so very honoured to be a part of their day. Capturing the moments, the emotion and the love. And then providing fun and memories at their recption with our photobooth. ​ Jeremy & Samantha I pray that the love you have for each other will continue to grow str

Love notes on the glass

I love this time of day, the house is quiet and I can hear the birds waking up outside and singing. I also love weddings! And today we are honoured to be photographing Jeremy & Samantha's wedding day and helping celebrate at the reception with our photobooth. All the preparation and planning for this day when 2 people celebrate their love with those they love and become one. Jeremy and Samantha, we pray that your love would increase and grow stronger with every day. That any obstacles that come your way would be easily overcome. Samantha may you continue to find love messages on the glass after he's had a shower even when you're old and grey. May you find little things every day to show each

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