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Wedding Day Tips

Wedding Day Tips

I've started gathering information for brides & grooms to help with their day. Just a few small things that can save stress on your day. Keep popping back as this is a work in progress and I'll be adding information as it comes to mind.

Your photographer

Finding the right photographer for your wedding is one of the most important decisions you make when planning your day. Haha of course I want you to choose me, but, I also know my photography style isn't to everyone's liking and that's what makes us all beautiful & unique. That said, my tips for choosing the photographer for your wedding are:-

Don't just go on price. I know a wedding is expensive but choosing the wrong photographer can have you regretful for many years. Your photo images are your lifelong visual memory of your day & you don't get a second chance.

Visit photographer's websites, look at their images & make a note of the ones you like the most and contact them to meet & talk

Make sure you're comfortable with your photographer as they'll be working very closely with you on your wedding day.

Make sure you like your & are are comfortable with you photographer. Your photographer will be spending a lot of time with you during your day so you'll want to like them not just their style.

Don't be afraid to ask them questions and to tell them what you like. Bring images that you like to your meeting so they can see what kind of photos you like. Even though your photographer has their own style it's also your day and your photographer wants you to love your photos.

Have a pre-shoot

This is one of the best things that I include in my packages for free. Unless you're a model none of us are used to being in front of a camera, except when we're taking selfies with our phones. A pre-shoot will help you get to know your photographer and how they photograph before your day. It helps both of you to relax in front of my camera.

Prepare for wet weather on your day

You've paid for your dress, shoes, suits, bouquets, ceremony & reception, don't let a rainy day spoil your photos by being unprepared. Buy cute umbrellas that match the colour theme of your wedding for all of the bridal party. Cute gum boots can look gorgeous in photos or your dress can hide them if you don't want them showing. If you don't want to venture out in the rain for your photos find covered areas before your day for your photos. Being prepared for rain before your day will save you a huge amount of stress on your day.

Outdoor ceremony

If you're looking for places outside for your ceremony, look for places that will have deep shade with no speckled light.Your photos will be exposed much better, also you won't be as hot during your ceremony. If you're outside in full sun, take note of where the sun will be during your ceremony.The last thing you want is to be squinting.Have a plan B. If you're having an outside wedding have a look at what's behind where you're going to stand for the ceremony before the day. Things like bright wheelie bins can be a distraction in your wedding photos. If it's something that can't be moved a simple screen can save your wedding photos.

Unplugged wedding

Consider an 'unplugged wedding'. No digital devices during your ceremony. You've paid for a photographer and the last thing you want, and I've had this happen to me, is people popping into an isle and stand there taking photos while the person you've PAID for is being blocked from taking a beautiful photo or missing a moment.

A great idea also if you don't want your wedding images on social media before you've seen them or while your ceremony is still going, yes it does happen.

If this is something you would like ask your celebrant to announce it before your ceremony.

Have fun & be yourself

Your wedding day is all about you! Be yourself, have fun and enjoy the day

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