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ROB E.G.'s BEHIND THE #1 HITS SHOW at Wests Cardiff

Robie E. G.

Robie E. G. played at Wests Cardiff to a sold out audience 2 years ago, before his big crash. And many of those loyal fans came again yesterday.

They performed "Behind The #1 Hits" Show, which consists of #1 Hits that Robie produced and performed himself (including 55 Days At Peking, Si Senor, Jezebel, plus: When You're Not Near, Whiplash, and others).... And selected #1 Hits that Robie produced for Marcia Hines, Air Supply, Daddy Cool, Tommy Emmanuel, Rick Springfield, Colleen Hewett, Hush, and some of their Top 10s.

Playing with him were what he calls the Rockin The Country Band - featuring several top-tier musicians/singers who have played with him numerous times during the past 3 years.

Nicki Gillis, who sings some of Marcia's #1 hits in the show, including You, and I Just Don't Know What to do With Myself, plus Robie's first Rick Springfield Hit - Speak To the Sky, and Colleen Hewett's #1 - Dreaming My Dreams With You. Nicki is a great singer with #1 and Top 10 Hits of her own in the U.K and Australia.

Josh Needs: teenage Virtuoso Guitarist, and 'disciple' of Tommy and Phil Emmanuel, who has played with Robie during the past 2 years. Josh is also a hot ticket artist in his own right at Tamworth and other Festivals. In Robie's shows he plays Guitar Boogie from Dare To Be Different - Tommy's and Robie's #1 and Album Of The Year - and Josh is featured in many songs with ripping guitar solos, plus fantastic shoot-outs with:

Anthea Wikstrom: Sensational Fiddler, Talented Keyboardist, Rhythm Guitarist, Singer. Anthea has also played with Robie over the past 3 years, as has:

Ryan Mathison: Hot young drummer.

Anthony Collins on Bass - Anthony's first time playing with Robie, but at 20 years of age he can seriously play,

Adapted from Robie's facebook page -

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