Wedding Pre-shoot - Tim & Natalia

Not too many weeks from now this beautiful couple will tie the knot on the headland at Wallabi Point. I love seeing the love couples have for each other & I think that makes my job one of the best in the world.

Rain, rain go away?

If your wedding is this weekend don't let the rain spoil it! Your wedding day is going to be amazing no matter what the weather but you can make it even more wonderful by being prepared. If don't already have some umbrellas ... just in case ... it's not too late to pop out & get some. These look fantastic in wedding photos & will give your photographer so much more to work with. The same is true if it's a very hot day, those cute lace umbrellas can give you shade & create gorgeous images. No matter the weather, I know your day is going to be everything you wanted it to be... you're marrying the love of your life... have a wonderful day Love Lyn xx LySar Photography

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