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Kings Creek Retreat Wedding

One thing I really love about my job is meeting new people & finding new gems in our Manning Valley. And Kings Creek Retreat ...... you didn't disappoint. What a gorgeous place for a wedding! I was in heaven with all the little photographic nooks all around me. Carla & Spud are also lovely people who go out of their way to make everything special.

I was also in heaven having my gorgeous daughter Sarah photographing by my side as she was visiting from WA. How I have missed doing this together & I know she has also (Wonder if I can partition her husband to move back closer? Of course it also has nothing to do with my only grandchild living across the other side of the country in Port Hedland). I can continue to hope & dream that day will come.

Every wedding is beautiful, special and unique! It never ceases to amaze me how creative some people are and how they weave their magic to make an area sparkle. Ashley & Kristy's wedding was no different. Gorgeous & rustic it was so perfect for them.

With 60 or so close family & friends around them, along with their daughter Isabelle, it was the perfect intimate wedding and I was honoured to once again capture those special moments that can't be replaced.

Venue: kings Creek Retreat

Celebrant: Sandy Osborne

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