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She's coming Home

As a mum one of the hardest things for me was letting our kids leave & start their own life away from home. We've been empty nesters for about 7 years now & although we're happy to be in this time of our life I still love to have our kids & grandson around us whenever possible.

I've always planned yearly family holidays to get us all together. Sometimes it worked & sometimes one of the kids would be missing. We haven't spent a Christmas all together for 6 years now and I'm looking forward to that changing.

Sarah has been living in Port Hedland for the last 4 years & I've only been able to catch up with her twice a year during that time. We've always cried when I/she arrives & we cry when I/she leaves.

She's the Sar in LySar & since she's been living away there's been a huge part of LySar missing & I'm so excited for her to be moving back to the Valley.

It has absolutely nothing to do with the fact she has our ONLY grandchild. Look out regular nanna spam photos.

We've been talking behind the scenes and we're going to be sharing the love with some giveaways, package extras and some amazing specials. Can't wait to share them all with you.

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